Pinspiration: Living Room Ideas

Hello you guys, I am baaack!

I took a while off from posting on the blog and Social Media in general. I did not consciously decide this, but it just worked out better for me, as I just started a new job, finished my studies and am currently planning to move in a months time - so A LOT is going on in my life currently and I felt like I just had to adjust and get used to those life changes. But I MISSED blogging sooo sooo much, and this month I am back in full force! :)

Speaking of moving: I am currently already in the midst of browsing decor ideas and getting interior inspiration. My new apartment is a lot bigger than my current place, so I plan to really go wild with furnishing and decorating it - and I could not be more excited! ;)

I have already created some interior related boards on my Pinterest, and today I wanted to share the best living room inspirations that I am currently eyeing up.
I will most likely be getting a grey sofa and I love a more clean look and neutral, cool tones, however, I am really really liking the idea of adding a more rustic looking key piece, like a coffee table, a lot of plants, and some accents in warmer tones... I just love how that vibe feels in those photos below!

Tell me what you think! Which one is your favorite pic?

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine