Pinspiration: 10 Winter To Spring Outfits

Finally, FINALLY the weather is warming up quite a bit over here in Germany! It is supposed to be up to 14 degrees and sunny the whole weekend and all throughout the next week, and I couldn't be any happier!

While it is not quite warm enough yet to go all out on my already planned (and shopped for, of course) spring outfits, I've been brainstorming ways to wear my winter clothing pieces yet making them more warmer weather appropriate.

Wether that's by wearing lighter outerwear like trenchcoats or a leather jacket or ditching the heavier coats all together and snuggling up in warm cardigans and sweaters - I am definitely happy to slowly start burying my winter coats in my closet haha! I also can't wait to wear ripped cropped jeans and my sneakers again, without freezing to death and this season, I really want to make an effort to try and make my skirts and dresses into an amazing transitional look.

Here are ten outfits that I found on Pinterest that all mirror my plans for taking my wardrobe into spring.

Please leave me any tips you have for styling your winter clothing pieces for spring weather, I'd highly appreciate it! :)

Thank you so much for stopping by and have an amazing day!

xx Janine

Snakeskin Print Pieces To Take You Into Spring!

Hello everybody!

So recently I put up a blogpost showing you 9 Dreamy Booties To Add To Your Wardrobe and one of them was this amaaaazing snakeskin print pair.
One of my lovely readers (Hi, Brigita!) commented that she would love to get something snakeskin print, but was not sure if she was a little bit late to the game and if she should still invest in this trend. Naturally I encouraged her to go out and buy something snakeskin, because I personally love this trend so much.

But then it got me thinking. Is the snakeskin pattern trend really here to stay?
Sure, we had our fair share of snakeskin boots and booties from ankle height to OTK in the winter - but what about the (hopefully soon) upcoming warmer months?

I got inspired to do some investigating browsing some of my favorite onlineshops and I am happy to report: Yes, indeed, the snakeskin print trend is here to stay and will see us through spring and summer with awesome blouses, skirts and accessories.

Here are the most amazing pieces I found:

I saw this pleated snakeskin skirt from H&M on the other day and instantly fell in love. I knew I had to include it in this post, because you can easily wear it now with boots and a warm coat as well as come spring and even summer with sneakers and sandals and light tops. It is only €35 as well!

I saw some amazing snakeskin tops while browsing - I especially loved this one by Club L, isn't the color way so beautiful? It is only €31.99.

I absolutely loved this snakeskin print body by Boohoo, it is a great going out piece, don't you think?

Another cool going out top! It does come with matching pants, but imagine this snakeskin crop top by PrettyLittleThing with high waisted wide leg black trousers, a pleated midi skirt or a sophisticated pencil skirt - such a cool look!

Ok, now this dress by Warehouse is actually so awesome that my jaw literally dropped when I saw it on the Website! I love everything about it, from the flowy and fun silhouette to the unique coloring and how luxe it looks. It is €72.99 - a bargain for a dress like this in my opinion.

I have to admit, I think wearing a full on snakeskin mini denim skirt is something for the more advanced trendsetters! I looove the way it looks, especially styled really edgy like in this photo here.

For those of you that would like to add some snakeskin into their wardrobe without committing to an actual clothing piece, here is a cute pair of heels as well as a cross body bag I found with the same effect:

Will you be taking the snakeskin print trend into spring and summer? Which of these items would you wear? Which one is your favorite? 
Let me know in the comments below, I always read them :)

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4 Ways To Rock Hair Accessories This Year

Hair accessories, especially huge, extravagant hair clips, will be a huuuge trend for the upcoming year.

I suddenly see hair accessories all over Social Media and in the Blogging world, such a difference to the last two to three years of effortless, barely-done hair styles and beachy waves!
If I think about it, I have not really played around with hair accessories since headbands were suddenly the must-have must-wear item in school because Blair Waldorf didn't seem to leave her Upper East Side home without one - hahaha, remember??!

So, in order to get myself a little bit more in the mood for spicing up my hair styles with accessories in the upcoming seasons, I wanted to compile a blogpost serving some inspiration on how to do just that as well as linking some affordable options that I found while browsing the Internet.

Here we go!

Bandana Scarves

I did a whole blogpost about different ways to wear a bandana scarves, that you guys seemed to like a lot! I freaking looove this trend and will for sure be rocking it come spring and summer.

The options in terms of color, patterns and overall styles are absolutely endless! 
 I found some really cute styles on Asos: 

I feel in love with this cute colorful, tropical print - how amazing would that look on a summer vacation! I also like this simple black one for how versatile it is as well as this adorable flower print one


Now scrunchies have been a trend since the S/S fashionweeks last year and influencers and bloggers everywhere have been rocking them.

picture source                                               picture source         

I am not sure if I can get on board with that very 80s looking, neon version of this trend, however, I did browser the Onlineshops and there are some suuuper pretty ones out there!

I am absolutely obsessing over this burgundy velvet one - how pretty is it! It comes already tied as a bow. I also love the satin ones, like this one in a leopard print and this neutral two piece set.

Hair Clips

Now, this trend has been shaking up Instagram since early winter I'd say - the infamous hair clip. We obviously all know - and some lucky ones may even own - the overly branded designer ones:

                                      picture source                                                      picture source

While I can appreciate those clips on my favorite bloggers and for moodboard purposes, I personally would not spend that kind of money on a hair clip - but hey, to each their own! I found some other cool clips online. Not branded, but still oversized and statement: the shell detail one you can see in the picture below as well as these leopard ones.

Hair Slides

I feel hair slides are the a tiiiiny bit more understated answer to the statement hair clip and I say a tiny bit more understated as they often come blinged out to the max as well as wearing a few of them together to create kind of a design in your hair.

I think this trend looks absolutely amazing in pictures and is definitely fun to play around with! There are so many cute affordable styles out there, like these sea shell inspired ones and these rhinestone ones.

So, what do you think? Which of these trends will you be rocking for 2019? I am definitely the most excited about wearing cute and colorful bandana scarves in my hair, but I am considering jumping on that scrunchie bandwagon to spice up my hair bun from time to time or wearing my hair tied back in a romantic low pony tail. Not too sure about the hair clip mega trend yet, however some pearly and rhinestones hair sliders really do call my name I'll have to admit.

Please leave me your thoughts below! 

Thanks for reading loves!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used in this post, just trying to help you shop :)