10 Ways To Wear A Bandana Scarf

Happy New Year you guys!!

Oh my god, I can not believe we have entered 2019 - I can not express how excited I am for the upcoming year! I really feel that your attitude or mindset makes or breaks your year (or day, or week, or life for that matter) and I personally feel super inspired, happy and grateful to be starting this year - and I hope you feel the same!

One thing that always inspires me is looking through Websites and magazines that predict the fashion and beauty trends at the beginning of a new year for the upcoming months - I find that so interesting!
I stumbled upon countless of posts and articles voting for bandana scarves to be the biggest accessorie trend of 2019.

And I am obsessed!

There used to be a time in my life where I wore a red or black bandana tied around my wrist! Hahah, I was so gangsta when I was like... 14.
However, I was searching Pinterest to find some better (and more on trend) ways to style a bandana scarf.

So, here is my 10 Ways To Wear A Bandana Scarf, I hope you enjoy!


Which of these styles will you be rocking in 2019?

xx Janine

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