How To Make New Years Resolutions And Actually Stick To Them!

I am going to say this just one time, just to get it of my chest:
Where has this year gone??!

Now back to the usual programm: It is that time of the year again, those kind of chill yet kind of awkward days between the holiday bubble and the New Years craze, where you are ready to start the next year but there is still a considerable amount of days of December left and you do not really know how to feel about that - Am I the only one feeling this way?
I always get super inspired to start the new year with a bang in terms of being sure of myself, my surroundings, my plans, goals and aspirations for the months ahead, which lead me to sitting down and writing a list of these New Years Resolutions - which then lead me to writing this blogpost, because I wanted to share a list of tips about how to write such list.

And how to actually stick to it.

1. Think small

Now, I am always such an advocate for dreaming big, reaching higher, going after whatever it is you really want to chase - and please do not ever forget about these things! However, let them be what they are - goals or even dreams - they actually have no reason to be on your resolutions list! 
Instead think smaller! How are you going to reach this goal? What are the next steps? 
So, let's say you want to become more fit than any of these Instagram gym gurus out there by the end of the year - that is great! Start of that journey by putting Creating a Workout Plan and Going to the gym four days a week on your New Years resolutions list - and then go from there!

2. Be reasonable

It's amazing that you want to go on some life-changing trips next year, finally purchasing that designer bag that you have always been wanting all while updating your wardrobe every season to stay on trend - but is that really compatible with your current student status (let me tell you: it's not!).
This applies to many life circumstances and not just to financial factors. 
The ultimate goals we have do not have to have anything to do with where we are right now, but the steps we need to take to achieve these goals certainly do.
So, maybe you want to take the plunge, quitting your job and finally found that startup you are dreaming about day and night - is that really reasonable to do so while having to pay off a students loan and paying rent? Probably not, but it is perfectly reasonable to write Starting a side project that could potentially turn into a business and Writing a business plan on the list!

3. Be precise
This is actually the most crucial one in my opinion. 
Resolutions won't work unless they can actually be measured. Why? Because that does not leave room for interpretation!
What does Learning to cook even mean? How can you say, oh yes, I learned how to cook by the end of the year? Cut your new years resolutions into tiny little bite sized tasks (no pun intended), until you can not get any more precise:
So you want to save money in 2019? Great! How much would you like to save? What for? Considering your incomings and expenses, how much are you even able to save? When are you going to save and how much? What milestones do you want to meet? 
I want to set aside €50 at the last day of every month and put it in a dedicated savings account, to save up €600 by the end of the year.
Amazing! Do that, you sneaky little millionaire-in-the-making!

4. Do not actually start on the first of January
Yes, I know haha. But I actually recently read a very interesting article about how studies found out that people that wanted to quit smoking were considerably more successful if they did not set a specific date to quit smoking, but quit right there and then, in that second of choosing to do so. 
Imagine raising the probability of achieving a goal only by starting NOW!
So, don't be that person that says they will quit smoking after they finish just this one pack of cigarettes like my grandpa has for years and years (he's still smoking btw). If you want to eat healthier in 2019, don't wait until January, get some groceries and start tonight! This goes for "late" resolutions as well: if you think of something you want to achieve next year by mid-January, please don't wait until you are writing your 2020 resolutions list!

5. Track your progress
Now, we created our new years resolutions list, we were reasonable and precise and went step by step and we might have even started some of these resolutions right there and then (I personally ordered a cookbook yay!) - that was fun!
On to the not-so-fun part: sticking to our resolutions! By following the previous tips you are setting yourself goals that are actually easier to achieve, but you have to see them through.
To me the easiest way to do so is tracking my progress. I did the "saving-some-money-monthly" thing this year and I put a remark in my calendar every month on how much money I've saved so far. My friend did the same thing for a weight loss journey she was one.
It becomes a type of challenge and when you see how far you have come at this point in time, you are more unlikely to quit.
I also have friends that like to reward themselves when hitting a certain milestones of their resolutions during the year. But maybe don't go out and buy something expensive if you really saved up €300 by the end of June, that would kind of defeat the purpose... on the other hand, life is short so what-evs! ;)
I really want to know: what are your tips to stick to certain goals and achieving them? And more importantly: what are your New Years Resolutions for this exciting time called 2019?
Share them with me :)
xx Janine 

Weekly Sales: Christmas Eve Deals!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone!

The holidays are the ultimate time to chill out and lounge on the couch all day, which is what I have been doing to an embarrassing extent yesterday and today haha!

So to actually feel like doing something at least slightly productive (lol) I started browsing some of my favorite online retailers to see if there are any cool Christmas deals going on. I have to admit, there wasn't that many amazing deals, those will start in about two days, buuut I did manage to find some really cute pieces and I can not believe the prices of some of these!

I hope you enjoy my selection!

I am still trying to figure out how on earth this dress is only €12 haha! I think it is a gorgeous staple item that can be worn so many different ways and it comes in different colors too!

I like this blouse for the unexpected back detail, I feel like this is perfect for any upcoming NYE partys!

Topshop has an amazing up to 60% off sale going on right now, so naturally I had to take a little browse! Here are three favorites I came across:

Another simple blouse that can be worn to many different occasions, yet the low cut neckline as well as the tie string sleeves give it a little something extra! 

Nylon Wishbone Necklace - €11.49 - €8.99
I am in love with this little wishbone necklace, super delicate and understated!

So, which of these items was your fav?
I honestly adore that Topshop Mini Dress, kinda wish I would've seen that one sooner to wear it to a Christmas party!

I hope you have the best time for Christmas!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)

5 Easy And Super Cute Gift Wrapping Ideas!

As I am writing this, Christmas Eve is merely five days away - crazy how time has flown!

Unless you are a super last minute gift shopper (like me...), you probably already managed to get all your gifts for your loved ones.
The best part about gifts? Giving them! And the best part about giving gifts? Watching someone opening them up! What makes that extra special? Gorgeous wrapping paper!

There are sooo many stunning and creative gift wrapping ideas out there and I've always loved the thought of spending some extra time on a loved ones gift to make it uber pretty. Buuut since I'm ALWAYS on a time crunch (cue last minute gift shopping...), I like to think about one element of decoration that I then adapt to every gift I am giving.

Here I've rounded up ten easy but suuuper pretty ideas how you can make giving gifts that little bit more extra special this year!

I will add these sparkly letters to my Christmas gifts this year, by using the persons initial. I've bought some sparkly golden cardboard paper and cut out the letters from a template I printed out. Planning on tying them around the gifts with pretty ribbon just like in this photo!

I like how here simple brown paper was used to wrap the gifts, I think it even has a chic and definitely pinterest-y look about them! I like the minimalistic decor items - easy yet very thoughtful!

Isn't this little wreath decor idea the cutest thing you've ever seen?? I love it, again it is simple, yet looks super pretty! I'd do this for gifts where I really want to impress haha!

This is such a cool idea for when you really don't have much time, because you can do a bunch in one go and it is such a pretty wrapping idea. You just take a paint brush (I'd probably take an old makeup brush hahah) and some white paint and release your inner artist. Because the look is a little bit messy on purpose, you really can't do wrong!

I love this last decoration idea, because you can really go and personalize your gifts! I feel like expecially for kids this one is amazing and I also love the idea of writing quotes or Christmas greetings on the gifts. You just need dark wrapping paper and a white gel pen for this effect.

I hope you get some inspiration to take your gift wrapping to the next level this year haha!
Which of these ideas is your favorite?

xx Janine

Why The New Fashion Rules Is A Must-Read For Every Fashion Enthusiast

When my favorite and most admired fashion blogger Victoria Magrath from InTheFrow announced a while ago that she would be coming out with a book, it was a no brainer for me that I wanted to order a copy of it for my own and support this boss babe - at that time I didn't even exactly know what the book would be about haha!

I just knew it would be a beautiful piece of blogging history. Let me get this off my chest real quick here - I adore Victoria, not only for her amazing style, her awesome career, her kindness when interacting with her readers and followers, but above all for her work ethic and the fact that she pours her heart into the content she creates. And I knew that if this book would be anything like her blogposts, that I could spend HOURS reading - I would absolutely love her debut as an author.

I flew through The New Fashion Rules, avidly flipping page after page and I loved every freaking second of it. I asked my mum for this book as my birthday gift this year, so that makes it even more special to me!

So, let's go on with the book review, before this gets even more cringey haha!
Here are my reasons why The New Fashion Rules is a must-read for everyone with a passion for fashion.

You can read her personality in between the lines

I am still amazed and low key still trying to figure out how Victoria managed to bring across her personality and very own style so well with this book. The book has the tone and language of her blogposts: beautifully written, well-spoken, informative and entertaining. I loved the sprinkles of personal annecdotes and consistent parallels to her life all throughout the chapters. But everything, from the layout of the pages, through the colors and photos that were chosen, up to that beautiful cover - I think every little element is undeniably Victoria, and that in itself is a pretty huge accomplishment.

"The world is a very big place and you have the chance to take advantage of every corner of it. So why miss out on the opportunity?"

It is fresh take on the fashion world

The New Fashion Rules manages to connect elements from a variety of topics, such as fashion history, digitization, blogging, brands, shopping tips - you name it. This exactly makes the book so different, interesting and captivating - it's current, it's meaningful, it's thought-provoking all at the same time.
The fashion world has been changing a lot in the past decade, we all know that, but because so much of that has happened online, most about this topic is written, well online. I love that there is a printed book that manages to capture this very transformation of a whole industry.

There is something for everyone

Victoria says it in the intro herself: this book is for everyone, from students, to bloggers, to people working in the fashion industry, to people just enjoying browsing through high street shops - I promise you, there is something for everyone, because this book has such diverse topics!
I don't have anything to do with fashion from a studies or career point of few, but it is my passion in my past time, and I freaking enjoyed reading this book so much. I love learning something new, and The New Fashion Rules is packed with information you would normally not come across.

It is truly inspiring

I would have never believed that it would be that kind of book that gives you chills while reading certain passages - but it is!
Now, granted I'm the type of person that finds inspiration in everything I come across, however, reading about the beginnings of founders of famous brands, the story behind something that hade a huge impact on the industry and the vision of creators and innovators alike really made me want to stay up all night and flip page after page.
Paired with a lot of different tips on how to rock your very own path in the fashion industry, may it be blogging or just getting the most out of your hard earned money while shopping, this book is a true inspiration!

It is just oh so beautiful!

And last but not least, the aestethic of this book is TO DIE FOR!
I tried to explain it to one of my girlfriends and I basically said that the book looks like you took all of Victorias outfit pictures, mixed them up, melted them together and poured it into a hardcover book haha!
Everything from the cover, to the colors, to the beautiful illustrations and the photos is girly, classy, positive and very pretty to look at. I currently have The New Fashion Rules on my coffee table next to my sofa and there has been no one that has come over since that didn't pick it up and flipped through the pages admiring the stunning photography!

"... And then we have such models being cast aside and replaced by 'new-gen influencers' who can be dressed, airbrushed and created to be exactly what a brand envisions for their imagery. Food for thought."

So, this is it, that is my review on Victoria Magrath's first book The New Fashion Rules!
As you can see, I would 100% recommend this one!

You can get it on Amazon here (nope, this is not an affiliate link!), that's what I did, but I know that Victoria has listed more stores and onlineshops that carry the book in this blogpost right here.

Now, what is your opinion? Have you read the book? Do you plan to?
Leave it in the comments below!

xx Janine

5 Inspirational and Beautiful Coffee Table Books

I recently ordered one of my best friends a beautiful coffee table book called Destinations of a Lifetime by National Geographic (scroll down to read more about this book!) as her gift for Christmas. I knew this was the perfect choice for someone like her that admires different cultures, has been to every continent and countless of countries - yet still is chasing to fulfill her bucket travel list!

I then got lost scouring through many many pages of other coffee table book recommendations that came up, ordered Elements of Style (see more below!) for myself and decided to put together my personal top five as an inspirational list on my blog!

I tried to keep it pretty versatile, so that you are able to maybe find a new gift idea for someone on your list OR discover a new decorative book to your own collection!

Which one interests you the most? Are there any other recommendations I should be checking out?

Elements of Style: Designing a Home & a Life 
This coffee table book by the author of the blog Elements of style just screams taste, inspiration and so much to discover! It is not only about practical tips, but about her personal life as well, which is amazing and so interesting to me!

Elements of Style is a uniquely personal and practical decorating guide that shows how designing a home can be an outlet of personal expression and an exercise in self-discovery. Drawing on her ten years of experience in the interior design industry, Erin combines honest design advice and gorgeous professional photographs and illustrations with personal essays about the lessons she has learned while designing her own home and her own life—the first being: none of our homes or lives is perfect. Like a funny best friend, she reveals the disasters she confronted in her own kitchen renovation, her struggles with anorexia, her epic fight with her husband over a Lucite table, and her secrets for starting a successful blog.

Destinations of a Lifetime
This one sounds like something a travel enthusiast would adore! Destinations of a Lifetime is a collection of 225 amazing places around the world - definitly some inspo for your travel bucket list!

A photographic tour of the world’s most spectacular destinations, inspiring tangible ideas for your next trip. Travel to hundreds of the most breathtaking locales—both natural and man-made—illustrated with vivid images taken by the organization's world-class photographers. These images, coupled with evocative text, feature a plethora of visual wonders: ancient monoliths, scenic islands, stunning artwork, electric cityscapes, white-sand seashores, rain forests, ancient cobbled streets, and both classic and innovative architecture. Loaded with hard service information for each location, Destinations of a Lifetime has it all: when to go, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do to ensure the most enriching and authentic experience.

IN VOGUE: An Illustrated History of the Worlds Most Famous Fashion Magazine
I think we can all agree that THE Vogue is iconic and definitely set a massive stone in fashion history. This coffee table book is not only perfect for the fashion victim, but also for someone that adores phantastic photography and classic images. So chic!

In Vogue is a fascinating look at the history of the world's most influential magazine. The complete compendium is illustrated with hundreds of covers and archival interiors of past Vogue editions, featuring the work of some of the twentieth century's most respected artists, cover illustrators, and photographers. In Vogue traces the history, development and influence of this media colossus—from its beginning as a social gazette in the late nineteenth century, to the exploration of modern fashion photography and new visuals in the mid-twentieth century, to its status as the top style magazine today.

Cold Brew Coffee: Techniques, Recipes & Cocktails for Coffee's Hottest Trend
As an avid coffee lover, I can appreciate a book full of gorgeous images AND amazing recipes surrounding my favorite beverage on this planet! This book is not only pretty to look at, but you learn so much as well!

This handy guide will give you all the knowledge you need to get on top of the trend, with illustrated step-by-step techniques for making your own cold brew at home, plus expert advice to help you get the best results from your drink. Also featuring 35 delicious recipes for creating cocktails and desserts with your cold brew coffee, from Espresso Martini and Cold Brew Negroni to Coffee Chocolate Tart, this is a must-have for brewing beginners and small-batch artisans alike.

A book full of unbelievably cute photos of mankinds most loyal companion - do I even need to say more? I have this on my own personal Christmas wishlist this year, I can not wait to flick through these pages!

From specimens on show at Crufts and Westminster to shelter dogs lovingly rescued by volunteers; from the grace and agility of racing greyhounds to adored domestic companions; from Afghan hounds to Hungarian komondors to Chinese crested, the images featured in Dogs promise to deliver one of the most appealing, popular, and exciting photographic tributes to dogs ever published.

Weekly Sales: The ASOS Edition

It is time for another episode of Weekly Sales! This time I will be covering one of my one-stop-shop retailers - ASOS! They literally have EVERYTHING under the sun and right now, they have an awesome sale on winter clothing pieces going on - there are items up to 50% off!
I hope you enjoy my selection!

These trousers are the perfect staple for the holiday season! You can perfectly dress them up with a blouse or silky top and pumps like in this picture, and can utilize them again for office wear with a blazer and flats - winner!

This beanie is super cute and at this great price, it would also make a great gift for someone that likes to stay cozy and toasty during the colder season, aka EVERYONE!

This jacket looks super chic and can be paired perfectly over your holiday party outfit as well!

This is the cutest knit cardigan, it looks so warm! Loving the wrap detail - it adds something more interesting to the look.
This mini dress is just perfect! I've been living in oversized knitted dresses with overknee boots - simplest and most stylish outfit for when you have no time (or nerves) to fuss around with what to wear!

This Nike sweater is so versatile, gret for just lounging around or dressing up properly! If you still need something for a girlfriend or family member for Christmas, I'd seriously consider this as it is at a great price as well!

I think this dove grey is such a unique color and it is perfect to pair with your winter neutrals! 

Maybe not your most winter-proof booties haha but I just had to add these as I think they are so unusual and definitely a statement shoe!
Which one of these items is your favorite? Would you pick up something?
I am in love with the dove grey puffer jacket and the tailored trousers by ASOS Design!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)

Pinspiration: Winter Outfits To Try Right Now

Hello everyone!

Today I just wanted to share a quick Pinspiration blogpost presenting you some super cute winter outfit ideas I stumbled upon while browsing the web.

There's a lot of chunky knits, warm coats and stylish accessories - so neither of us has to sacrfice style for warmth ha!

I definitely want to master the art of wearing skirts and dresses during the colder season without freezing to death AND I am taking a lot of styling inspo from the outfits pairing dressier pants with warm sweaters and footwear.

I hope you enjoy my selection!


Which look is your fav??

I personally adore the look of a cream or beige chunky oversized knit with black ripped jeans and LOTS of jewelry!

xx Janine

Weekly Sales

I am back with another Weekly Sales blogpost! 

I missed last weeks one, but I did have so much fun browsing my favorite onlineshops and getting lost in the depths of their sales haha! Hope you enjoy!

I thought this sheer, embellished blouse from & Other Stories is suuuch a cute piece and perfect for this festive season - I can imagine many many ways on how to style this up. And it is only €24!!

Asos have an up to 60% off sale on party dresses right now! Perfect way to get your New Years Eve outfit sorted - I love this velvet, one-shoulder mini dress (so unique!), this more casual one, that would work perfectly for office Christmas partys as well and this sparkly, floor-length number is perfect for if you want to go all out!

H&M have an insane 40% off outerwear sale going on right now - perfect for the colder months!
I fell in love with this parka, I think they gold hardware looks great with that perfect tone of gray - this one is currently only €49.99!

I am obsessed with Urban Outfitters decor and little bits and bops, they always have in the shops and I actually think they make amazing Christmas gifts! Here are some cool things I found in the sale:

Marble Notebook - €8.00 - €4.00

Round Crochet Rug - €99.00 - €49.00

Jewelry Box Gemini - €22.00 - €9.00

Seems like Zara never stopped the Black Friday deals haha: there are sooo many seasonal pieces 40% off right now! This leopard print dress is amazing, such a good, on trend staple pieces right now, these houndstooth pants look amazing paired with ankle boots and the button detail on this blouse is so unique, I have never seen this before!

I could not believe the price of these Lace Pumps by NA-KD Fashion! They are reduced 70% to only €15.28!! What a steal - and these will look amazing with any party or event you are going to this month!

I need to know - what is your favorite of these bargain finds?? 
I am probably most obsessed with the Urban Outfitters items as I am so in gifting mode right now, but I also ordered the blouse from Zara and I can not wait for it to get here, the button details looks super cute!

Thanks for stopping by and have a relaxed first December Sunday :)

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)