On My Shoppinglist: New In Winter Fashion

November is almost upon us, the days are getting shorter, the mornings and nights are super cold already and the air feels clear and crisp - not too bad, as long as you can stay in bed all day, cuddled up in a super snuggly blanket and binge Netflix.

However, the majority of us will have to face the colder season with all it's glory (and by that I mean rain, wind and the freeeezing cold) and seeing as today was one of those especially devastating days where I live weather-wise, I got super inspired this evening to browse my favorite onlineshops for those new in Winter bits that will keep you extra toasty and armed for the upcoming weeks!

Let the shopping begin!

Oversized rollneck sweater - I adore this chunky knit! It is uber oversized and just looks sooo comfy. I'm living for pieces that feel like you are basically wearing your blanket haha!

Thermal Leggings - These thermal leggings are the dreeeaam and so versatile! I love wearing mine more casual with an oversized sweater and boots or just to lounge around the house.

Longline sweater - I think this longline sweater is such a cool statement piece and comes in different colors as well!

Brown OTK boots - These overknee boots are such a cool statement shoe, I love the toe caps! I adore the color, it goes with everything yet adds a certain edge to an outfit.

Blush pink beanie - There is nothing better than a huge chunky knit beanie in the colder season, am I right? Apart from the fact that it hides bad hair days effortlessly, it is such a cute trend piece AND keeps you warm... win-win!

Teddy Coat - I had to include this beige teddy coat for how affordable it is! I also really like the length of it, it does not look like it would drown you lol!

Camel coat - A good quality, heavy-weight camel coat is a winter classic and an oversized style, like this one, allows for layering chunkier sweaters underneath!

Check Scarf  - I love this scarf for the mustard yellow running through the black and white pattern and those tassels are uber cute! This style will work with pretty much any jacket in your wardrobe.

Long Cardigan - And last but not least, a long-lined cardigan in a classic neutral color is the perfect winter layering piece! I liked this one for it's boxy cut and the maxi-length sleeves.

I am IN LOVE with so many of these pieces, a lot of them went straight into my shopping cart!
What do you think? Which piece is your favorite? Are you already commencing your winter fashion shopping?

xx Janine

How To Make Overknee Boots Stay Up!

I recently picked up a pair of gorgeous over the knee boots from Asos (they were from the brand New Look) to style with my new perfectly slouchy and oversized grey sweater dress and could not wait to wear exactly that outfit on an amazingly sunny Saturday afternoon to get a coffee with my girlfriends.

So far, so good.

What I did not expect was that my new OTK boots would basically fall down my legs after about thirty seconds of me walking and end up somewhere below.my.knee...
I bet you can imagine how pissed I was having to pull up the boots CONSTANTLY and trying to tie the drawstring at the top of them even tighter after every five steps.

Needless to say, I sent the boots right back to where they came from.

I then picked up a much better quality pair of OTK boots and they just stay up SO much better, when wearing over jeans or tights I do not have to pull them up at all. However, wearing them with bare legs even those boots feel a tiny bit less secure - which is why I pulled together some little tips and tricks to actually make your OTK boots stay up and slouch-free on bare legs!

1. A Boot Bra

Yes, you read that right. A boot bra is actually a thing!
When I googled for tips on how to make my OTK boots stay up, this was the thing that really caught my eye. Here is a link to a boot bra on Amazon, just to get a quick idea, but it is basically a sort of bandage with a snap you put around your thigh and connect with the other part of the button, that is adhered to the boot. I've also seen another version that uses velcro instead of a snap.
The reviews are amazing, but before purchasing this (it's pretty pricey for what it is imo) I've seen tutorials all over the Internet on how to DIY them!

2. Fashion Tape!

Okay, fashion tape has to be one of the greatest inventions of mankind (obviously over-exaggerating relentlessly). And this was another option that came up countless of times while doing my research - and it makes sense! Fashion tape is pretty strong being able to hold dresses and shirts in place and it does the same with boots, as long as the fabric isn't too heavy.
It also pretty much only works on bare legs, as you will have a hard time trying to make fashion tape stick on pieces like jeans or tights. However, I do think this is a really great quick and affordable fix to a slouching boot!

3. Material Matters

This is actually the most important tip imo and something that you just have to take into consideration when purchasing OTK boots.
It makes sense that sturdy materials like leather or suede rarely slide down or bunch up. So if you have the cash, invest in these materials!
For the rest of us: look for thicker, sturdy-feeling materials. Boots made out of fabric that basically feel like a t-shirt might feel amazing on, but will fall down in a matter of seconds. If you want that skin-tight look, go for a fabric that is really stretchy.
My OTK boots are made out of faux suede and stay up perfectly.

What are your tips for making your OTK boots stay up? And what do you think about a boot bra??
I hope these tips are somewhat helpful!

xx Janine

Pinspiration: Jewelry Trends

I must admit: I am in a little bit of a jewelry funk right now.

I used to wear jewelry everyday and experiment with a lot of different styles - statement earrings, chockers, layered necklace, arm candy (omg who remembers #armcandy ??!) and stacking rings on pretty much every single finger on my hand.

Well, lately I have not really been inspired nor actually got excited picking out my jewelry, mainly resorting to wearing my pearl studs, my oldie but goldie Fossil watch and maybe a bracelet or cuff. A lot of that has to do with me deciding to start going for quality rather than quantity with my jewelry pieces: I wanted to go off of picking up €3 pieces from Primark all the time and invest in more durable items that just look amazing, do not tarnish, can be worn 24/7 and actually do not fall apart after wearing them twice.

I guess I just decided to start building up a jewelry collection that will last me for years - but where to start?

There are A TON of gorgeous jewelry brands out there that make high quality pieces that also do not break the bank entirely, but I wanted to carefully sort out what pieces I wanted to invest in first.

And what do you do when you are collecting inspiration? Right, you turn to Pinterest!
I decided to do a round-up of all the jewelry styles that inspire me right now. I am linking the source of every photo below!

I hope you enjoy! Let's all get inspired together!

Which jewelry trend inspires you the most? I absolutely adore the dainty wave ring, but I am also obsessed with coin necklaces! 

xx Janine

Weekly Sales: Fall Staples

It's time for another Weekly Sales blogpost!
I enjoy creating these so much, because I get to browse through my favorite onlineshop and discover a great bargain here and there that I myself have not yet seen - and then share it here! :)

This week I noticed that the sale categories on every website are already filled to the brim with amazing fall basic! Great for someone like me who has not yet finished their wardrobe refresh for the season haha!

I also adore this puffer jacket, isn't the green amazing? Such a statement!

NA-KD Fashion has SO MANY sweaters on sale already it's crazy! Here are a few faves:

I featured this faux fur coat from boohoo.com in one of my latest posts and it has just gone on sale! Doesn't it look super snuggly?

There is a 20% off Asos Design going on and they have some amazing fall pieces included! I just ordered this puffer jacket, it's one of the cutest ones I've seen this season:

They also have a few OTK boots on sale for under €50! Here is an example:

Ok, but THIS scarf is absolutely gorgeous isn't it?? Such a statement piece, I love all the colors and it would work amazing against an all neutral look!

And last but not least, I found some amazing basic pieces that are great for layering on sale on the H&M website: this pair of boyfriend jeans (only €20!), this gorgeous dusty blue long-lined blazer and this layered sweater with lace detailing.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks edit of Weekly Sales! Which piece is your favorite?? I am debating between the Asos Design puffer that I already ordered haha and the gorgeous colorful scarf... Probably will be getting that one as well ;)

Have a great rest of the week!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this post, just trying to help you shop :)

9 Affordable Camel Coats To Shop For Right Now

A camel coat is one of the best fall staples to me and definitely one of the most worn pieces in my wardrobe during this colder season!
 Since temperatures have finally dropped here in Germany, I am happy to be able to bring out my new one (I picked up the one from Mango in the third row below). It is sooo easy to style, goes with everything and seriously elevates an outfit instantly!

I do agree that it is a piece worth investing in, however my favorite more affordable retailers have been stepping up their game lately when it comes to outerwear and right now the stores are flooded with amazing camel coats and a lot of them do not lack in quality!

Here is a round-up of nine AMAZING camel coats I found while browsing online - and the best part is: they are all under €100!
Happy shopping!

Top row from left to right: Boohoo, ASOS Petite, Topshop
Second row from left to right: Topshop, NA-KD, PrettyLittleThing
Third row from left to right:  H&M, Mango, New Look

Which one is oyur favorite?? I love my Mango one of course, however I also think the plaid New Look one is just gorgeous and adds a trendy and unique touch to the camel coat style don't you think?

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this post, just trying to help you shop :)

10 Wall Decor Ideas


I moved into my new apartment about two and half months ago now and am actually pretty proud how far I have come with my interior so far!

Most of my furniture is where it belongs, the decor is coming together and I already really feel at home at my new place - isn't that the best feeling ever? :)

However, the walls in my bedroom are still unbelievably boring plain and white... so I spend most of my evening yesterday browsing pinterest for cute wall decor inspos that are not that hard or time consuming to put together!

Here is an edit of what I found, which decor idea is your fave?

This round cable shelf is such a unique take on a traditional book shelf - I love how clean it looks yet it adds life to your room if you add plants to it. 

I freaking love this idea so much! It adds so much texture to a plain floating shelf and is such an eye catcher! Pretty easy to achieve as well, there are a ton of pre designed layouts on the Internet!

Of course a gallery wall will always be one of my favorite decor inspos, even though I find that it is not that easy to assemble and to find pictures that have the same vibe and go really well together - print and size wise! Any tips??

This is suuuch a cute idea and definitely something I want to recreate! Those little shelf panels are only about 5€ from Ikea and then you would only need thick thread and some sort of ring to hang it up with - super cool and so unique!


A wall clock is such an easy way to add character to a room, don't you think? I love the look of this wooden one but I personally would go with a metal version for my living room.

Mirrors are another quick way to elevate a room and also make it appear bigger! Not sure how I feel about two mirrors, I would probably opt for one huge mirror or several smaller ones in a geometric shape - what do you think?

A hanging rug is definitely one of those instant make-your-house-your-home decor pieces haha! I looove them for the living room or even the hall way! Urban Outfitters often have some really cute ones.

This plant wall makes my heart pitter patter haha :) I have no place to put up something like this at my place, but this would look amazing in huge, open spaces, like a loft!

This is another DIY idea for hanging up photos: you just need some sort of thicker thread and nails to create the geometric shape of your choice - voilá you make your own photo gallery!

I love the very industrial vibe of this - super pretty! I can imagine three of these shelfs just hung up in a horizontal row would also look amazing!

xx Janine 

Little Things You Can Do To Immediately Feel Happier!

Right now, as I am sitting down to write this blogpost it is the end of 'one of those days': I didn't have a good night sleep, I woke up feeling down for absolutely no reason, work was stressful, I missed my train back home and don't even get me started on all those little things that kept on happening all day long that absolutely pissed me off.

I came home a few hours ago feeling upset, discouraged, tired, uninspired and a little bit angry - just overall I was not feeling good! I was in such a bad mood that I even decided not to go to the gym tonight, even though I normally love working out.

Then I stumbled upon an article when I scrolled through my Social Media accounts like it was second nature that treated the topic of how your mood is right before you go to bed can actually not only affect the ability to fall asleep but the quality of your sleep as well! Call it a sign of the universe or just pure coincidence - I there and then decided I would NOT have such a bad sleep AGAIN and in return, I had to do something about me feeling down. Something that would lift my mood and it had to happen IMMEDIATELY!

Which led me to writing this blogpost :)
I wanted to share five little things that always cheer me up when I am feeling a bit down and comfort me in such a way, that I feel happier. Keep on reading to find out how I do it.

Good Music Is Always A Good Idea
It is not a coincidence that throughout history music was always used as a way to escape the hardships of the real world and bringing people together to celebrate life. This sounds super cheesy, but if you think about it, there are not many other things on this world that are so readily available anywhere and have such an impact on your mood instantly. I would not really recommend listening to a Lana Del Rey album while you are trying to get out of a little rut, but turning on your favorite artist and a feel-good playlist can work wonders. There is just one rule - play it LOUD!

Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Working Out 
It is scientifically proven that physical activity is not only beneficial for your health but not less importantly (maybe even most importantly) for your mind and well-being! The reason for that are the production of peptides in our bodies that tell the brain 'Hey, I'm feeling great!' - I'm pretty sure we all have experienced the post-gym-amazingness-feeling. Now that physical activity can be a proper gym session, or a yoga class, or a walk through your neighbourhood, or a dance party all by yourself in your room - just MOVE!

Talk To A Loved One - Just Because
Here I really want to highlight the additive 'just because'. I am not trying to tell you to call your mum and complain high and low about how shitty your day was and why you're feeling upset (this is honestly waisting your time if you think about it and is just not necessary at all), but try calling a friend, talk to a family member, a colleague,... just for the sake of having a conversation. Listen to what they have been doing, what is going on right now, ask them about their plans for the weekend - but keep it positive! You have no idea how many times I felt so much better after doing exactly that and trust me, even a simple Whatsapp convo works wonders!
Endorphins, endorphins, endorphins 
Endorphins are called 'happiness hormones' for a reason. They are responsible for that rush of sudden energy and contendness - you feel happier! And isn't it amazing that our own bodies are actually capable of producing and releasing such a hormone? There are many different ways to initiate releasing a bigger amount of endorphins, one of which is exercising, as I touched on before. But also some foods like chocolate or spicy meals and laughter can have the same effect. Try closing your eyes, thinking about something that makes you happy and just smile for one minute - you will trick your brain into feeling happier right away. Seriously, try it out right now!
Ban The Negative Thoughts
This one sounds easier than it is, which is why I wanted to mention it last. In order to actually turn your mood around instantly, you have to ban any negative thoughts - no exception! Whenever a single, little, quiet thought of something that upsets you tries to kreep in, mute it right away. Replace it with something positive. Even thinking about puppies for twenty seconds works - I've tried that haha! This requires a bit of practice, but you alone are able to control what you are thinking about, so why would you let negative thoughts make you feel a way that you do not want to feel?

I am actually feeling so much better after typing this out! These tips are only small, but they work - try it out for yourself!
Now excuse me, I will make my way to the gym right now!
What are your tips on how to feel happier instantly?

xx Janine

Weekly Sales

Happy Sunday!

Today I am back with another installment of Weekly Sales where I am rounding up some of the best sale pieces I have found!
I hope you enjoy!

I think this coat is just amazing, the color is something more unexpected but still a great neutral - it would work well with a winter wardrobe as well!
I also found this cute puffer jacket for only €55 as well as this faux fur jacket for 40% off!

This mini skirt would look absolutely ADORABLE with OTK boots and a sweater - don't you think?

Some amazing booties on sale here, here and here!

Super love this Mango dress, the color is sooo pretty and it is reduced 44% to only €19.99!!

This coat is only €29.99, can you believe that?? I feel like it is more a cardigan than an actual coat, however, these are perfect to wear as outerwear during this time of year.

Some gems I found in the boohoo.com sale: these plaid pants (suuuper on trend and only €14!), this oversized faux fur jacket (looks soooo cozy and is only €40!) and this colorful striped belted blazer!

Which piece is your favorite??

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this post, just trying to help you shop ;)

5 Affordable Faux Leather Jackets To Buy Right Now!

A good faux leather jacketis definitely one of my all time fall staples!
And to not get too repetitive, I like to keep a good selection of leather-looking jackets on me to switch up my looks. From typical biker jackets to a suede looking style in a fun color - they are just the perfect way to elevate even the simplest t-shirt and jeans outfit during this time of year.

I always turn to Zara for a good faux leather biker jacket. They do one every year and I've never been disappointed! However, they are so many cute jackets out right now by a lot of different brands!

So, I wanted to do a round-up of five really cute styles that I found while browsing my favorite onlineshops and to make it even more fun: none of these are over €90 and the majority are even under €50!

Happy shopping!

The Classic


As I already mentioned, Zara is always my go to when it comes to a good, affordable and classic faux leather jacket! I've had one for three years now and it looks as good as new to be completely honest! This is this years model and I do love the rocker chic style, with all those details and the classic cut. 

The Suede 


In my opinion nothing screams fall more than a suede jacket in a seasonal color! This faux suede jacket by Mango is so amazing, super simple, but it comes in five great fall colors - mustard, dove blue, burgundy, beige and brown - that will go amazing with your wardrobe.  

The Modern


I thought this more unconventional leather jacket by VILA is such a great modern take on the trend piece! Definitely something different than anything I've seen in the stores and it completely changes a look. I think this is also great for those girls that dress pretty girly and feel like a traditional biker jacket is too heavy looking for their style. 

 The Colorful


Now for the girls that really like to have fun with their wardrobe - and their outerwear in particular!
This adorable blush pink jacket will look extremely cool paired with light-wash denim and white sneakers, I also really like the crinkly texture of the leather. It's just overall such a cool statement pieces - don't you agree?

The Warm

And last but not least I wanted to share this pretty nude one by H&M. It is padded with a light layer of faux fur - it does not look too warm at all. The leather has a look of rawness and the seams are unfinished which just adds such a unique look to this jacket. I would buy this a size up to give it a really oversized feel.


This is it for my round up of super cool and trendy faux leather jackets that also do not break the bank! Did you like it? Which style is your fav??

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)

3 Ways To Style Overknee Boots

I have recently picked up this pair of Overknee Boots and have since been obsessed with finding different ways to style them! New clothing pieces always inspire sooo much when it comes to trying out something new and styling new outfits - don't you think?!

Here are some of my favorite overknee boots that are in store at the moment:

           Prettylittlething - €65.99                                         River Island - €93.99                               Asos Design - €65.99 

So of course I have been passionately pinning away every single outfit that incorporates overknee boots that inspired me - as well as turning to some of my favorite bloggers for styling inspo (my personal queens when it comes to styling overknee boots are for sure Amelia Liana and Maria from Mia Mia Mine!).

Today I wanted to share three different ways that I really want to style my new overknee boots this season. I hope you enjoy!

1. The Mini Skirt

picture source                                           picture source                                             picture source

As I already mentioned above, Amelia Liana is one of my biggest style inspo (in general, but especially) when it comes to wearing overknee boots. One look she is doing a lot which really stood out to me when browsing her blog many times was a pair of suede overknee boots with a mini skirt - admittely not something that I would first think about to going together that well, but doesn't it look amazing on her??! I just bought this A-line suede red mini skirt and can not wait to pair it with my new boots.

2. The Sweater Dress

              picture dress                                       picture source                                             picture source

Pairing a snuggly sweater dress with a overknee boots is for me personally a more obvious way to wear this trend, but it is suuuch a cute look as well don't you think?? Again, one blogger really stands out with this style and that is Maria from the blog Mia Mia Mine. She wears this look like no other in my opinion, I personally looove a grey sweater dress like this one I got recently with a pair of black suede boots.   

3.  The Skinny Jeans

                     picture source                                               picture source                                             picture source

Wearing overknee boots over a pair of skinny jeans is probably the easiest and most effortless way to style them! And I also really really like this look, I think it makes your legs look miles long - don't you agree? I would pair overknee boots with a pair of black or dark blue skinny jeans.
Do you like to wear overknee boots? How to you style them? And which of these three different looks is your fav??

Thank you so much for reading!

xx Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)

Weekly Sales

We have entered that time where there are already fall clothing pieces going on sale! And that means I am back today with another Weekly Sales post :)

If you are still currently looking to update your fall wardrobe before retailers are starting to get in the real winter-y items, now is the time to do so! I've found amazing deals so I wanted to do a round-up of them here.

Happy Shopping!

These H&M skinny jeans are amazing, such a good fall staple! Loving the rips on the knees - and they are only €17.99!
I also saw this perfect cream knit jumper in the sale for only €24.99 - that color seriously goes with so many outfits!

NAKD Fashion is turning into one of my fav retailers, they do fall fashion sooo right! I found the gorgeous blue cable knit sweater that you can see in the header picture of this post on sale for only €11.68!! Of course this went straight into my cart! Here are some other favorites I found:

Sparkling Heel Ankle Boots - €66.95 - €20.08 (what a steal!)

Flaired Blush Pink Sutiting Pants - €55.95 - €16.78

Asos never disappoints when it comes to a good sale! Right now they have a seasonal sale with prices up to 50% off going on.  This Abercrombie & Fitch Sweater Dress is reduced 50% (!!!), this Blush Pink coat is even more than 50% off (Under €40!) and this Mustard Colored Puffer Jacket is just too good to be true and also almost 50% off.

This Topshop Blouse is super cute and such a pretty fall shade! It's 45% off!

This is it for this weeks episode of Weekly Sales. What do you think? Did you like anything? Do you wait for the sales to start before stocking up on seasonal pieces or do you like to grab them as soon as they hit the stores?

xx Janine