10 Wall Decor Ideas


I moved into my new apartment about two and half months ago now and am actually pretty proud how far I have come with my interior so far!

Most of my furniture is where it belongs, the decor is coming together and I already really feel at home at my new place - isn't that the best feeling ever? :)

However, the walls in my bedroom are still unbelievably boring plain and white... so I spend most of my evening yesterday browsing pinterest for cute wall decor inspos that are not that hard or time consuming to put together!

Here is an edit of what I found, which decor idea is your fave?

This round cable shelf is such a unique take on a traditional book shelf - I love how clean it looks yet it adds life to your room if you add plants to it. 

I freaking love this idea so much! It adds so much texture to a plain floating shelf and is such an eye catcher! Pretty easy to achieve as well, there are a ton of pre designed layouts on the Internet!

Of course a gallery wall will always be one of my favorite decor inspos, even though I find that it is not that easy to assemble and to find pictures that have the same vibe and go really well together - print and size wise! Any tips??

This is suuuch a cute idea and definitely something I want to recreate! Those little shelf panels are only about 5€ from Ikea and then you would only need thick thread and some sort of ring to hang it up with - super cool and so unique!


A wall clock is such an easy way to add character to a room, don't you think? I love the look of this wooden one but I personally would go with a metal version for my living room.

Mirrors are another quick way to elevate a room and also make it appear bigger! Not sure how I feel about two mirrors, I would probably opt for one huge mirror or several smaller ones in a geometric shape - what do you think?

A hanging rug is definitely one of those instant make-your-house-your-home decor pieces haha! I looove them for the living room or even the hall way! Urban Outfitters often have some really cute ones.

This plant wall makes my heart pitter patter haha :) I have no place to put up something like this at my place, but this would look amazing in huge, open spaces, like a loft!

This is another DIY idea for hanging up photos: you just need some sort of thicker thread and nails to create the geometric shape of your choice - voilá you make your own photo gallery!

I love the very industrial vibe of this - super pretty! I can imagine three of these shelfs just hung up in a horizontal row would also look amazing!

xx Janine 


  1. Such a great inspirations, thank you for sharing!
    IG @grace_njio

    1. I'm so glad you like them, thanks for commenting love!

  2. These wall decoration looks amazing! I really like them!

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  3. great decor ideas!


  4. I really love all of these ideas. Wall decor is my favorite part of any home.


    1. Right? It adds so much personality to a room in my opinion!
      Thanks for commenting love!