10 Decor Pieces Under 25€!

 Hey guys!

As I am typing this right now, I am sat in my soon to be former appartment surrounded by boxes after boxes and bags after bags full of all my belongings, rummaging through one labeled 'kitchen' in search of a wine glass so that I can pour myself some much needed Rosé all while crossing my fingers that my last-minute washed towels and bed sheets will speed-dry over night...

Oh, how glamorous moving is!

Yes, yes, it is moving day for me tomorrow indeed... I've moved a lot the past five years and everytime I seem to forget just how stressfull, nerve-racking and time-consuming a move is - maybe my brain tries to save me from the trauma I went through??

Trying to distract myself from the thought of having to fall asleep on my couch tonight, because I have already disassembled my bed (yes, you read that right, I.took.down.my.bed.one.night.early. - I told you, nerves!) I started to fill up my mind with much more glorious thoughts - decorating my new appartment!

I went on a scroll to my favourite interior and decor onlineshops and came across SO MANY GOOD Bargains, it's actually insane! As you know, I'm always on a budget, so being able to find 10 beautiful decor pieces under 25€ was a dream come true for me!

Of course I did not want to hide my finds from you, so here is my list. I hope you enjoy!

*this is breathtakingly gorgeous! The BF called it useless and hard to dust off - I couldn't care less!
comes in two different sizes and three colors!

*ok, I must admit... I have no clue what I would store in this basket, but it is just too cute to pass!
comes in four different colors

*did you know that having Elephant themed decor in your home stands for attracting wealth? in that case - make me rich little guy! comes in three different designs and three colors

*a satin pillow case for 9.99€? yes please! comes in a beautiful grey shade as well.

*i can not be the only person absolutely obsessed with this mirror - I love the sleek and simple design! perfect for my new dressing table!
*this cotton throw is what my new-and-cozy appartment dreams are made off! Can you actually believe the price??

*i love a good print and plan on having some sort of gallery wall in my new appartment - let's all cross our fingers that I can actually work that out haha!

*i am obsessed with this tiny cute vase! Isn't it adorable? I think it would look cool to line three of these and put a single flower in each of them. comes in four colors!

*i think this looks so much more expensive than what it is - I think 9.99€ is actually (almost) too good to be true! comes in two different colors.

*and last but CERTAINLY not least here is the most perfect table light you have and will ever see. I fell in love with it!

 What do you think of my picks? Which one is your favorite? And how do you like to decorate your house if you are not really feeling particularly spendy? Let me know!

P.S.: Also, I thought I had not yet picked out a color theme for my new bedroom, looking at the collage I did.... mhhhh maaayybe it seems like I have already decided for one.... haha!

xx Janine

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10 Summer Manis You Need To Try!

Everytime summer rolls around I am always so so inspired to try something new on my nails! I love love bright oranges and pinks as well as beautiful pastels like lilac or citrus tones.

I was browsing the Internet for some inspo for my next mani and came across some really beautiful designs that I just had to share!

So, enjoy and get inspired! :)

*i love a good pink and white combination! how pretty is that glittery accent nail!

*in love with this water color design on the ring finger! 

*summer gallore! you just want to jump right into a pool with this nail color!

*i adore negative space nail art, adds something so unqiue and unexpected! 

*pink and sparkle and marble? yes please!

*i love white nailpolish in the summer and this design is extra cute!

*this perriwinkle blue-hue is doing things to me and that accent design is uber-summery!

*a super edgy yet chic spin on the classic black mani!

*simple yet super pretty - you can add so many different designs as well!

*imo this chrome stripe trend is the perfect mani - simple yet such a statemen! LOVE!

Which one is your favorite? I think mine has to be very first pink and white design or those chrome stripes with a very clean and natural mani!
What do you like to wear on your nails during summertime?

xx, Janine 

Current Beauty Wishlist

Happy Hump Day guys!

So I am a total sucker for everything beauty related and I was just recently browsing (recently? Let's be real here - I am always browsing for something haha) for some new goodies I would like to add to my vanity soon.
And I realized that I do have some cool makeup, skincare and scented products that I am seriously eyeing up right now (eyeing them up with a look like that heart-eyed emoji, if you know what I'm talking about). Which is why I really wanted to share them with you here!

So here is my current beauty wishlist - beware, it's pretty summer-inspired!

Chloé Nomade

I love the whole campaign surrounding the Chloé Nomade perfume and the vibe it conveys - and that I do get bombarded with ads for this scent on every website I turn on the Internet does not help with that haha! I went and smelled it at the store a couple of weeks ago and I think it really is dreamy, a great summer scent! And can we just talk about how absolutely beautiful that bottle is??

Zoeva Powder Brush

This is more of a boring one but I am in the market for a new powder brush as mine is definitely on its last leg! For me Zoeva brushes are the best ones out there because they perform amazing, have a high-quality that does compare to high-end brushes and come with a more affordable price tag! I do enjoy investing in brushes as I use them everyday and they hold up for yearsss, but why drop some serious dollars if you can find the same thing for much cheaper? :)

The Ordinary Retinoid Serium

I am so into The Ordinary skincare right now and that is with every right so! Their skincare line is a serious game changer to me, because they made high-quality skincare more affordable and therefore more accessible to the broader audience and their stuff actually WORKS! I really want to start trying a retinoid product (in short, retinoid is great for reversing and preventing signs of ageing) and I have heard magical things about this serum.  

Erborian Extra-Matte Primer

So the Korean skincare brand Erborian recently ran a campaign with a few bloggers that I follow (German and American) and it really brought this line to my attention (I am such a Marketing victim I know haha), but this primer is the first item that I am actually really considering getting. It is supposed to be super mattifying, which I neeeed, I have very oily skin and this heat wave right now is not joking around! And it is also marketed as a hybrid between makeup and skincare, which I find very intrigueing. It is very pricey though, so I am not sure when I will bring myself to take the plunge. Maybe a great deal will roll around some time soon!

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Skin Mist 

I am one of those people that is obsessed with the signature Bronze Goddess smell by Estée Lauder and for me summer is not here until this cult beauty line has come out haha! They came out with a refreshing skin mist this year (sounds sooo good right now omg, I'm in my apartment sweating my butt off) and I really want to get it. I will go to the store first and try it out to see if it does smell like the other Bronze Goddess products though, sometimes the scent can really get lost with those lighter mists or sprays - and I do need my yearly dose of Bronze Goddess goodness! 

So that is it for now! :)
Did you enjoy my current beauty wishlist? What is on yours? Let me know - your girl is always open to some more recommendations! ;)

xx, Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used in this blogpost, just trying to help you shop :)

10 Must-Haves from the Nasty Girl Sale Under 25€!

I hope you had an amazing start to this new week, let's all get up and grind, work hard, use it to its full potential... and do some onlineshopping along the way! :)

I read on various fashion blogs that Nasty Gal is having an awesome sale right now: 50% off EVERYTHING for residents of Canada and the US (discount automatically applied) and 40% off with the code GIMME40 for all my fellow people in the Eurozone.
I am still on the hunt for some great summer pieces as I do have a major trip to Thailand coming up in September and I adore Nasty Gal clothing, so I thought this was a great time to browse their site with this great sale going on!

Tips for shopping on Nasty Gal
  1. They have free shipping and returns for 100$ and 100$ to the USA and Europe as well as for 120$ to Canada! Bare in mind that the discounted prices account for this amount, not the normal prices.
  2. If you are a resident of the US you get a 55% discount (55%!!!!!) if you are a student! That is amazing!
  3. I've ordered from Nasty Gal before and found their shipping to be quite quick despite it being shipped from overseas, but keep in mind that customs might apply if you're ordering from outside the US. 
Now for the fun part 

I've found some really cute pieces while browsing the sale today and every single one of them is under 25€ with the 40% discount applied - can you say bargaaaiiin. Happy shopping!

I am seriously still dying over those names - Come Out Of Your Tortoiseshell - I mean come oooonn hahaha!

                               xx, Janine

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Casual Summer Outfit Under €100!

Happy Saturday Everybody!
As summer is still in full force over here in Germany and our feeds are flooded with fall clothing pieces from the #nsale - and that is not a bad thing at all, I love fall fashion and honestly all those distressed denim, suede moto jackets and ankle booties do something to me! - I thought I would put together a very summery outfit to inspire us all that summer won't be here forever and to really take advantage of our summer wardrobe RIGHT NOW! :)

I found this striped T-shirt on newlook.com and had to order it - it's the perfect plain tee... without being too plain haha I know you get me! I built the outfit around that piece and kept everything very casual as my lifestyle - living in the library and studying for my upcoming exams - does not reeeaally leave much room for dressing up :D

I also kept it very budget-friendly and if you have seen some of my other posts you won't be surprised by that. I love recommending more affordable pieces and this outfit actually adds up to under €80 - even though the picture says €100 - looked cooler haha!


I hope you enjoyed todays post!
Let me know if you like this outfit or what your typical, casual summer uniform would look like!

xx, Janine

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used creating this blogpost, just trying to help you shop ;)

Trend Alert: Paperbag Pants

Summer is always that season where trends in fashion really seem to lure in everyone - from straight up fashionista to someone just dabbling into on-trend styles every now and again – and rule our wardrobes as well as Instagram feeds!
May that be because we tend to enjoy being out and about more on those sunny days and mild nights – and nobody wants to see the pyjamas we lounge around in on the couch in the colder months! – or maybe because those cute on-trend pieces are not getting covered up by jackets or coats – we all want to show off those new additions to our summer wardrobe after all! – during the summer season all shops are full to the brim with current must-have items.

Living in the city, where summer can get incredibly hot and stuffy, I welcome every summer trend that is not only cute, but also airy and comfortable with open arms!
And that is exactly where Paperbag Pants come into play.

I am seeing paperbag pants EVERYWHERE at the moment, from shorts to ankle length to wide leg styles. They are called paper bag because the waist is a bit more loose and being cinched in by some sort of belt or tie leaving the excess fabric looking somewhat like crinkled paper :) 

Apart from being super trendy, looking super cute and being extremely comfortable, I really want to emphasize how versatile paperbag pants are! You can easily dress them down with sneakers and a tee or dress them up and wear to the office (I will include photos of both versions down below for some styling inspiration). Making the most out of your summer wardrobe 101!

Here is my edit of this trend and the pieces I found in my favorite Onlineshops. They really do come in so many different styles, colors and patterns – there will be something for everyone!


Which one are your fav?
I honestly can not decide between the olive green pair by asos Design or the striped PrettyLittleThing ones! 

xx, Janine 

Disclaimer: no affiliate links have been used in this blogpost, just trying to help you shop ;)