Why You Need A Bodysuit In Your Summer Wardrobe

I have to admit it: I've only started getting into bodysuits this spring and now I am honestly wondering... Why has nobody told me before that they are the most versatile and practical clothing item of all time and that I absolutely need some in my wardrobe??

Hahah, no, but in all honesty, I basically discovered that bodysuits are amazing and here are my top three reasons why:

#1: They go with absolutely everything
A simple black bodysuit serves as a staple piece to build countless outfits around. You can pair them with jeans, dress pants, maxi skirts, leather leggings, even bodycon mini skirts - flowy or tight-fitting, casual or smart - you name it, the bodysuit makes it possible for you. I have worn mine so much already, I can actually not tell anybody haha, but no one notices: wear it with a blazer for a great office outfit, with a sparkling skirt for going out, or with mom jeans and a cardigan to run errands during the day - I've said it before and I will say it again: a bodysuit is the most versatile clothing piece in your wardrobe, I promise!

#2: Tucking in has never been easier
We all love to tuck in our shirts, whether you tuck in a white shirt into your high waisted pants for a smart look, or loose tuck in your top on one side of your jeans. Now, because a bodysuit closes between your legs and therefore fits quite tight to your body around the waist belt area, tucking in your shirt has never been easier, plus you do not have to worry about anything coming un-tucked! Pro tip: look for bodysuits that close up with buttons at the lower end, as that makes going to the bathroom oh so much easier haha! 

#3: They come in every style you can imagine
Long gone are the days when bodysuits were solely ballet-style ultra-tight black basics. They now come in all types of different styles! From flowy blouses, to fun patterns, to cool fabrics and stylish necklines - there is absolutely a style for everyone!  

Are you a fan of the bodysuit already?

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

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Weekly Sales: Under $50 Spring Favorites

I love this time of year - when my favorite retailers already get flooded with summer clothes... because all the very much still on trend spring clothing goes on sale, haha!
Here is a selection of the cutest under $50 spring favorites I found - I hope you enjoy!

This dress from boohoo must be the bargain of the month - it's only $8!

Why am I so late to realize how much cute stuff Goodnight Macaroon has?? This floral blouse is absolutely amazing, I love all the detailing and the cut of it.

I also really enjoy pastels lately, and this blush pink blouse is such a cute basic piece - perfect for a jeans-and-a-nice-top look!

Blazers work well as outerwear jackets in the spring time and this Asos pink blazer is perfect for bringing a little more pop of color into your everyday outfits. It's also made out of linen, so you won't get to warm wearing it.

Second best bargain of this month: This ruffle long-sleeve dress with floral print from Bershka - only $15.50!

Nordstrom has amazing spring clothes on sale right now. I adore this knit maxi dress and this fun vertically striped jumpsuit!

I love in mules in the spring time! They are super versatile and chic, yet are not too summer-y yet. These leopard ones with a bow detail are sooo pretty and only $10! I also found a great deal: these Havaianas for under $25!! Go grab them for your beach vacay!

Happy shopping!

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xx Janine

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Pinspiration: 6 Ideas On How To Style Maxi Dresses

I have been absolutely obsessed with styling (and shopping for haha) maxi dresses!
And while I am super intrigued by the idea of throwing on a maxi dress and run out the door, I wanted to be inspired by different ways of styling it up and giving it a different vibe and feel - completely depending on my mood that particular day!

As always, I went to Pinterest for my search for inspiration and i wanted to showcase the cutest styles that I have found here on my blog, for further outfit ideas. 

I also listed some affordable alternatives to the pieces in the picture - some of which I of course already had to pick up myself haha! - to make it easier for you to re-create the looks.

Which one of these looks is your favorite?? 
I definitely want to try out tying any type of loose fitting shirt over my maxi dresses, such an easy way to get sooo much versatility out of a dress!

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine 

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My Top Tips For Traveling With A Carry-On Only

Sometime last year, I decided to take more advantage out of living in Europe in terms of being able to travel to so many neighbouring countries in a matter of only a couple of hours and for the most part pretty affordable plane tickets!

That resulted in an exciting list of countries and cities to visit, more short trips and a lot of carry-on luggage only travelling! I think I have been quite successful so far, having been to Italy, London and Morocco ever since and having trips to Malta, Croatia and Montenegro planned for the (very) near future!

While packing only a carry-on for your trip gives off a feeling of flexibility and a taste of adventure, it's also quite tricky, especially if you are travelling to a country that has substantial differences from your home countrie or you are trying to cram a week's worth of outfits into a backpack.

That is why I have cummulated this little list of my top five tips for travelling with carry-on luggage only!

#1: Streamlining is key 
 When travelling with less luggage, it is very important to truly consider the amount of stuff you want to take with you. And to be completely honest here, most of the time the things we use in our daily life are even too much! A prime example for me is always my makeup bag: I do streamline my "everyday essentials" makeup down A LOT for travelling. I pack no jewelry except for the pieces I am wearing on the day of travel and I really, really try my hardest to not over-pack in terms of clothing and to only bring what I really need and will wear - no exceptions here! Another example is skincare. Even though I find skincare to be extremely necessary, I most of the time leave any "extra" products, like peelings, toners, serums, self-tanner, at home. Try this approach for every category of things you are packing and you will see, you probably end up with only half of what you would have initially chucked in a suitcase.

#2: Outfit planning
This is probably the tip that I am actually the worst at haha, but honestly, planning your outfits in advance is the number one thing that will keep you from over-packing and making travelling for a week with handluggage only no problem at all. While my boyfriends throws three T-shirts and two pants into his suitcase and is good to go, I do not always want to sacrifice my personal style completely for travelling. That is why I always roughly map out which outfits I want to wear on the trip. Things I always look out for when doing that: versatility - I pack clothes that go well with everything else in my closet and always, always pick a shirt and skirt over a dress just to have more possibilities to combine outfits. I don't particularly enjoy outfit planning, admittedly it really stresses me out, but trust me, it provides you with a lot more piece of mind while being on the go! 

#3: Downsizing
Travel size beauty products are not only super adorable, but also great for saving space and weight while travelling and also to meet airlines standards for carrying liquids in your handluggage (these are universal for the most part by now, but just check your airlines website to be completely sure) - and yes, things like mascara, liquid concealer and lipgloss also have to be singled out and put into a clear ziplock bag! I have now accummulated a stack of my essential beauty products in travel size, which I just grab when going on a trip, which is super helpful! Alternatively, you can buy clear containers (again, check the allowed sizes beforehand!) and fill those with your beauty products - that works especially well for things like haircare, SPF and body wash. You could also substitute some liquids with solid products, for example a solid shampoo or even toothpaste tabelts (yes, that's a thing!) to save on room for other liquids you might want to take. Apart from the obvious, also think about things like your hair brush, hair dryer and other tools you might need and get them in a travel size to save some room in your luggage.

#4: Consider country-specific particularities
The most obvious thing that comes to mind here is checking the weather forecast of course! ;) Nothing worse than NOT having appropriately packed for a rainy weekend trip or a week away that is hotter than expected. Of course, the weather can always take a turn and surprise you, but better save than sorry, am I right? But it doesn't stop there. In terms of clothing, some countries might have a certain "dresscode" you would want to consider, which could for example be packing clothing pieces that cover your shoulders and your knees for visiting religious sights in Marrakesh. No short trip is the same, so travelling is much more enjoyable if you know beforehand to definitely having an umbrella on hand for a weekend in London in December and some extra SPF for a week in Malta in the summer, haha! Adapters for your tech stuff is another thing to be considerate about. Just spending a few minutes googling the country you are visiting and reading some travel guides will save you any inconveniences while being on the go.

#5: Pack smart
Another thing that is easier said than done! Packing smart in terms of saving room but also consider convenience and accessability of items, is some sort of art in my personal opinion haha! And it gets consecutively harder to keep up especially if you re-locate during your travel. However, thinking about a helpful and easy packing system will enable you to get the most out of your handluggage and save you some precious time while on your trip. To save room, you should always roll your clothes instead of folding them (also helps to prevent wrinkles!). Keep smaller things like accessories, chargers or important things like travel documents, any print outs of reservations or bookings you might have as well as medication in seperate, small pouches that you are able to tell apart and keeps things more organized. Have you ever heard of traveler towels? It's a super light-weight and fast drying type of towel - not the most luxurious feeling, but it saves sooo much space compaired to conventional towels. If you travel with a backpack: always, always pack the heaviest pieces on the bottom and keep the items you need to access regularly, like your toothbrush, in seperate compartments.

I really hope these little tips are somewhat helpful! Please leave any packing trips you have in the comments below, as I would love to read them and learn from you!

What are your upcoming travel plans?

Thanks for stopping by and reading.

xx Janine 

Summer Accessories Under $100 To Shop Now!

You guys, I could not be more excited about this blogpost!

I have a summer vacation coming up in just a few weeks and needless to say, I have been shopping up a storm for it - and accessories were no exception.
BUT, I honestly was not prepared for how many good deals I would discover, so I put together this blogpost in basically 2.5 seconds, because I had to share them with you before they're all sold out!!
Scroll down to get to the items, all of which are under $100, because ya girl loves a good sale and there are even some unbelievable good designer pieces in there!

This adorable Cult Gaia clutch was the item that spurred this blogpost originally - seriously, I can not believe how good of a deal that is! It is actually 50% off, super on trend, perfect for the upcoming season and any vacation you want to take it on - get your hands on it people!!

I adoooore Aldo shoes, I think they are always super trendy and pretty all while being very affordable! I found these super cute and versatile nude flats on sale from $9.98 (whaaat??) and while browsing, I came across this AMAZING gold layered coin necklace and just fell in love - such a cool statement to elevate any vacation outfit!

Speaking of statement jewelry, these And Other Stories hanging earrings are unbelievably gorgeous - imagine them with your hair in a sleek bun or low pony tail and a fresh summer glow, mmhhh. And Other Stories jewelry is actually really good quality, I have a set of rings from them and they have not tarnished or changed color at all since I got them last summer. 

I definitely do have a soft spot for sunglasses and when I came about these pretty babies from Valentino AND discovered they were only $59.50, I was sold. 

I was on the market for a cute straw or wicker bag - and found both, haha! I love love love this white Anthropologie one (it comes in other pretty colors as well!) that is under $50 and I adore how this wicker bag by Barneys New York looks kind of hand-made and 'raw' in a way! Still debating which one to get - help me out here!

These white wedges by Michael Kors will probably be such an amazing summer staple and again it is an amazing price at only $74.25! I always wear wedges with my maxi skirts and dresses in the summer for the additional height and these will basically go with anything and everything!

And last but not least, I saw these Dariella sandals and instantly though, weeell these remind me of a particular designer pair... haha! The best thing? They are only $40!!

See?? I told you I found some amazing deals haha!
Here's a better look at the items:

Happy shopping!

xx Janine

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The Cutest Under €30 Swimwear

Middle row: flowy top, striped, green

 Happy hump day haha!

I am in an amazing mood today, because I am actually starting to gear up for my trip to Malta in two weeks! Obviously a little bit of online shopping is definitely part of that, and as I am always on a budget, I wanted to share with you this cute affordable swimwear I found while browsing!

All of these swimwear pieces are from Amazon and they are all under €30 - yes, you heard that correctly!

I definitely picked some of these up for my trip - which one is your fav?

I wanted to add some more bright colors to my swimwear wardrobe and this adorable lemon print bikini with the bold yellow top definitely caught my eye!

I actually really like wearing my bikini tops as actual parts of my outfits when I'm on a summer holiday, and I thought that that would work particularly well with this cuuute white neckholder bikini with the palm leaf print bottoms, because it would pair adorable with high waisted skirts or trousers as well as this bikini that has a flowy longer bikini top, which would work as a casual cropped cami - all for versatility over here!

This black bikini with the crochet detailing is easily my favorite out of this selection! Not the most practical regarding tanning haha! But suuuper cute for photos - don't you agree?

I looove a good blue and white stripe pattern for summer and a bikini play up this nautical vibe very well! Love this simple strapless one and it is soooo affordable too.

This green color is the perfect alternative for my usual neutral colors, black, tan and blue! I very much like the cut of this dark green one, as I can imagine the top being super flattering and the bottoms don't reveal too much!

I want to dabble more into one-pieces as swimwear, as I find them super chic and fashionable! This one is very cute with the netting detail and the polka dot print added on the top.

Another neutral yet quite sexy option in my opinion is this black wrap style bikini, I adoooore the look of the back of the top!

This beautiful flower print bikini was the reason I got lost into browsing the swimwear section of Amazon after all, I adore the tropical print!

I hope you like my selection!
Are you headed to a vacation destination anytime soon? If so, what is on your shoppinglist for that?
Let's chat in the comments below :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

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Pinspiration: Shelf Styling

So, I am starting this fun little project of my own to completely revamp my book shelf and really, really style it up - when I did my usual Pinterest research for inspo I discovered that Shelf Styling is in fact a thing!

And now I have just become obsessed haha!

I wanted to pull together my top pictures that I am using for inspo, but I will be compiling a blogpost with tips on how to tackle shelf styling, so stay tuned for that!

I like alot of spacing when decorating a shelf and for it not to look too cluttered, but I also adore a good mixture of very different things so that it keeps it interesting to look at and almost like to find something new everytime!
Which one is your favorite inspo?? Leave it in the comments below!

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xx Janine


Weekly Sales: Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Edition

Hello everybody!

From today the 2nd of May 2019 on the Sephora Beauty Insider Event is happening!!
I am very sure you are all familiar with that sale, but from 2nd May all the way to 6th May the following sales are happening:
  • Sephora Rouge member get 20% off purchases with the code HEYROUGE
  • Sephora VIB member get 15% off purchases with the code HEYVIB
  • Sephora Beauty Insider member get 10% off purchases with the code HEYINSIDER
 So many brands go on sale that usually don't, so I always like to stock up on my essentials (a little bit bummed out that The Ordinary is excluded from the sale, uumm, hello??) and also like to take the opportunity to try out new stuff that I've been hesitant to pick up before.

Here are the products I am going to pick up:

I always stock up on a BeautyBlender whenever a good sale is happening - it's the one and only beauty tool that I have been applying my foundation wiht for years and I always get back to a sponge whenever I try a foundation brush.

This brow pencil is one of my absolute favs, there's no one that compares to it on the market!

I adore Caudalie as a skincare brand and when I saw this set I just thought the price was too good to pass it up!

I wanted to try Drunk Elephant products for forever now, and when I saw this little duo, I could not believe the price, as normally Drunk Elephant is sooo pricey! I also really want to try out this Fresh Rose Face Mask, as I've heard sooo many Youtubers absolutely rave about it.

Huda Beauty Liquid Lipsticks are some of my favs on the market, so I often times pick a new shade up during a good sale!

Another thing that has been on my wishlist forever is the It Cosmetics CC cream - it's such a cult fav! I also finally want to pull the trigger and try out a Jo Malone perfume, the bottle is soo soo beautiful!

While browsing the Sephora website I stumbled upon this Nars face palette, and isn't it absolutely gorgeous?? I had to pick it up, I normally love Nars face powder products!

What are you getting from the sale? Is there anything that has been on your wishlist that you are now picking up? :)

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

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My Marrakesh Travel Guide

Last month, my boyfriend and I visited Marrakesh for the first time. We stayed four days - and I absolutely fell in love with the city!
Today, I wanted to share my Marrakesh travel guide, as I have a lot of tips to share for you to get the most out of your stay. 
I hope you enjoy!

Where to stay
So, I always tend to book more budget-friendly accommodations to be able to spend more money on actual experiences and getting to see more locations. In Marrakesh we stayed in Airbnbs only. They are very affordable in the city and most of them are amazing! As far as location goes, you want to stay in The Medina, the oldtown of Marrakesh, for that true Moroccain experience and I would advise staying in the southern part of the oldtown, so that you are closer to all the places you want to see. 
Hotels seemed to be quite affordable as well if you want to spend a little bit more, and most of them have a pool, which is really convenient!

When to go
Marrakesh has good weather all year around, it barely rains and the temperatures are mild, even in the winter. We visited in March and the temperatures where about 30 degress Celsius everyday! So, I can only imagine how hot it must get during the summer month, so maybe that is not the best time to travel to Marrakesh! I heard that spring and fall are the best seasons to visit. Also, I think that about four days are definitely enough to see the must-go places of the city and to even book a day trip to the mountains or the beach!

What to wear
Now, I am a little bit torn about that point. A friend of mine who went end of last year told me to only pack more modest clothing and that she did feel uncomfortable from time to time just walking around (granted she was traveling with another girlfriend). I have no problem adapting to another culture and believes of a country I've never visited, and Morocco is a Muslim country, so I only packed shirts that covered my shoulders and bottoms that wear at least knee-length. I did not feel uncomfortable once (keep in mind I was traveling with a man though), and I saw a lot of other tourist walking around with pretty much normale Western Europe summer attire. The Morrocains did not seem too concerned by that, so I guess it comes down to your own willingness to adapt to a culture and with whom you travel.

 Where to eat
That is simple: eat aaaalll the food!! Moroccain food is amazing and you definitely need to taste all the different dishes the restaurants carry on their menu. You need to try the traditional Berber dish Tajine as well as all the different starters and appetizers that are sooo flavorful and delicious - I promise you, you'll become addicted! Also, let me tell you, food in Marrakesh is very affordable! Café de France, Café Clock and Café Nomad (everything that starts with 'Café' in Marrakesh is basically a restaurants that serves everything, from breakfast to dinner, from desert to drinks, from meals to snacks...) are great adresses if you want to have more of a 'real' dining experience, meals are between €8 and €14 and in some of these restaurants you can even order alcohol, which alcohol is normally not allowed to consume in a public place in Moroco. However, I'd recommend trying out all of the tiny restaurants and market stalls that are lining the alleys of the Medina. A meal is about €3 or €4, it tastes just as amazing, the chefs are always up for a chat, and you get to sit and eat among the locals, all while watching the busy everyday life in Marrakesh! My favorites were the Patisseries, shops for amaaaaazing sweet baked goods as well as the juice stalls - try a freshly squeezed orange juice blended with milk, mhhhhh!

What to do
There is a ton of amazing places to see and visit in Marrakesh, and most of them you can actually walk to if you stay in the Medina! Most of the sights to visit have an entrance fee of 70 Moroccan dirham, which is just under €7. Here is a list of locations and activities to keep in mind:
  • Take all the photos!   Honestly, Marrakesh is easily the most photogenic city I have every been to - everywhere you turn there is a dreamy garden, a colorful doorway, a gorgeous tile floor,... you name it, Marrakesh has it! So if you are even remotely interested in taking pretty pictures for your blog, Insta or even for your own private photo gallery, take your camera and snap away! 
  • Visit as many gardens as possible!  One of the things I found the most remarkable is Marrakesh's ability to create and mantain the MOST BEAUTIFUL GARDENS ON THIS PLANET! It is even more fascinating if you think about that this city is only a few hours north of the West Saharian desert! I am basically telling you to visit everything that contains the name 'Jardin' haha. My favorites were: 'The Secret Garden', Jardin Majorelle (also known as the 'Yves Saint Laurant garden' as it is home of the YSL museum), the parc around the Koutoubia Mosque.
  •   Visit mosques and palaces! There are a few mosques around the city, some of which non-Muslims are allowed to enter, some of which they are not. Even from the outside these buildings are just spectacular and so so beautiful. Another highlight are Marrakesh's palaces - and definitely amazing for one or two photos! We visited the Bahia palace, and this huge building with it's white tiles and colorful detailing, lays right in the heart of one of the busiest parts of Marrakesh! It's truly like a sanctuary in the city - as well as every Instagrammers dream!
  • Wander the alleys of the Medina! Getting literally lost in the oldtown of Marrakesh is an exciting experience and you will be bombarded with impressions, smells, and every aspect this city has to offer! But carry a phone with GPS with you, as you do not want to actually get lost haha! If you are on the hunt for some bargains or want to buy something as a souvenir, you are also in heaven here as there are hundreds of different stalls and little huts that offer everything you can imagine - be warned though, Morrocans are excellent sales people and WILL sell you everything haha!
     Book a day trip! Marrakesh is starting point for many excursions you can do. You can for example go to the coast and visit places like Essaouira, which is a beautiful little city right at the beach or even go on a Sahara trip! We did not go on a desert trip, as heard that you should be booking at least the 3-day trip, even better the 5-day trip for it to be worth the long drive. Instead we opted for a one day guided excursion to the Atlas mountains, which was absolutely breath-taking. Make sure to compare prices though, as there are huge differences depending on the provider, the location your going to and the mood of the travel guide haha! We booked our excursion on Tripadvisor. We did not do a ton of walking on our trip, however there were some surprisingly steep hiking episodes on this trip, which definitely made for an adventure haha! We ended our hike in a traditional Berber village, where the people were super friendly and provided us with food and drinks and the views from up those high mountains was unbelievably!

      Those were my few words that probably did not even do this amazing country and that oh so beautiful city justice! Still, I hope there were some helpful tips for you in there and of course, in case of any questions I did not cover here, please feel free to ask in the comments below!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading!

    xx Janine

Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers Day is right around the corner, in exactly TWO WEEKS to be precise - and if you are anything like me, you love to spoil your mom rotten on that day, yet you are a notorious last minute gift shopper.... #oopsies

But don't worry, I got you covered with this little last minute Mothers Day Gift Guide! All products are from Amazon, which I think is great for doing gift shopping for any holiday, and shipping is super fast - perfect for those of us, that like to shop for their gifts only a week (or a few days tbh) in advance haha!

You can click on the product names to be re-directed to the products page. Happy shopping!

I think these porcelain bowls are sooo pretty, I love a good white and blue detailing and they would fit great into my moms kitchen. I can also imagine these working great as little decorative trinkets to store small things like jewelry!

My mom loves to read, especially while on vacation or when spending lazy sunday afternoons in the sunny garden. I have been um-ming and ah-ing over whether to get her a Kindle for years now, and finally pulled the trigger and ordered her one. This one is the Bestseller and has amazing reviews - it's even water-proof, which I think is pretty amazing!

Giving a perfume as a gift is always a tricky one, so I'd only recommend doing that if you know your mom's preferences really well! My mom is obsessed with Dolce & Gabbana perfume and has been wearing The One for years. She recently switched to the newest D&G perfume, The Only One, and I like to stock her up on that perfume whenever I get the chance to do so :)

I swear on The Ordinary skincare and have been getting pretty much my whole family and friends jump on the bandwagon as well haha! I found this skincare set and let me tell you, it is an AMAZING value for the price! I personally own three of the five skincare pieces in here and could not recommend them more. I also like how this set is supposed to increase glow in your skin, which I think is something that would work universally for a lot of different women - because who doesn't like a dewy, healthy looking skin!

The re-usable coffee mug is perfect for the busy mom that's always on the go and it comes in a lot of different designs, which all look too cute! It is also made out of bamboo fiber (I know, crazy right??) which is a very sustainable material and very sturdy as well. I may or may not have ordered one for myself haha! :)

A scented candle always makes for a great gift and you can find some on every budget! This soy candle had great reviews and is huuuge, which I love, especially for giving gifts - it is supposed to be able to be burned for 80+ hours!

A themed cookbook is perfect for the mom that likes to try out new recipes! This Turkish Cuisine one sounds awesome, and I feel like cookbooks dedicated to specific types of food or countries is also great to get either in preparation for a trip your mom took or as a memory of a trip!

If your mom enjoys being extra cozy at home - and to be honest, who doesn't? - I found these amazingly soft slippers, which keep your feet extra warm during the colder season and come in super cute different colors as well, and this fluffy robe, that has raving reviews. They're also very reasonably priced!

That is my little gift guide for Mothers Day!
What are you giving your mom? :)

Thanks for stopping by!

xx Janine

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Cute Maxi Dresses Under €50 To Rock This Summer!


I have been absolutely obsessed with maxi dresses lately and as we already got a sneak peek of what our summer will look like this past week, I've been already wearing and styling mine.

They truly are sooo versatile as they go with absolutely everything and most maxi dress styles can be worn to different occasions, from office to a day out in the city to a dinner or a weekend event - I am in love!

I recently got this super cute striped maxi dress that is sooo uncomplicated to style. I just throw on some jewelry and a pair of sunglasses and pick my shoes depending on my mood: strappy heels, fun flats or even casual sneakers!

I since have been shopping for more maxi dresses as I plan on making them my summer uniform on those days, where I need to look put together but do not want to fuss around with creating an outfit. Throwing on a maxi dress is just sooo easy! :)

Here I have curated a selection of super pretty maxi dresses for you that are all under €50 - some of which have already wandered into my shopping cart or are on my wishlist haha!
You can click on the pictures below and be taken directly to the retailers website.

What about you, do you like wearing maxi dresses? How are you styling yours and which one do you plan to add to your wardrobe?
Please leave your answers in the comments below! 

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

xx Janine

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